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Kay Breese

Sales Executive

I am the token Pommie of the HQ team! I moved to Queenstown back in 2010 and like a lot of people arriving here with a Working Holiday visa, I only intended to stay for a year or so but the stunning scenery along with the awesome kiwi lifestyle kept me here and I’ve been lucky to call this incredible place my home ever since.

I’ve worked in various Sales & Marketing roles since I left college and after a couple of jobs here in town, I found HQ and landed on my feet.

I’m a self-confessed flat-white addict, the one that brings that typical dry British humour to the office and I tend to spend most of the days dodging some of Ellen’s pranks. I don’t like Microsoft Excel very much and I shout that to the rooftops regularly but get me on a PowerPoint and I’ll rustle up something special.

I love putting together exciting itineraries and creating programs for our clients. I feel so lucky that I am able to sell Queenstown on a daily basis and there is no better feeling than seeing that come to life!

Outside of the HQ world I love to travel, socialise with my gang and explore this dreamboat of a town – something I will love more now than ever.