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Full creative freedom

Every so often you get a client that gives you full creative freedom to do whatever you want – they might give you a budget, a colour scheme or maybe nothing at all..

This event at the Winehouse was a true standout – the client said “Help! I have no idea what I want” and so I created brand new centrepieces and a brand new theme that had never been done before.

We absolutely love being given the task of coming up with styling that not only speaks to a clients brand and culture, but also has the client and guests speechless on entry 😍.

This event was absolutely stunning! Big thanks to some of our amazing suppliers we get to work with to create these unforgettable events – Winehouse, Pacific Linen & The Flower room.That’s all from me, it’s been a pleasure sharing with you some details on a couple of my events. Hope everyone has a good weekend and tune in on Monday to hear from our Managing Director